Questions and Answers

“Of course we cannot answer all questions here, but these are some we have received throughout the years and hope they may help you to understand our product and our company a little better.”  This data is for informational purposes only and is not to be used as medical advice or diagnosis.

Q: Will using the “IC Aloe Vera” cure my condition?
It is not wise to talk in terms of “cure” - we are not doctors and cannot prescribe anything for any condition, however, there are many reasons people use our Aloe Vera; the list is very long.
Remember that there are over 200 Aloe Vera species, many different ways to process Aloe Vera and of course many different brands on the market (about 4500). So, for a person to say EVERY Aloe Vera is the same is absolutely false. The plant delivers a different finished product in many subtle ways depending on the age of the plant, the season it is picked and even the time of day it is processed.

When our founder discovered our Aloe Vera worked for her I.C. back in 1992, she knew we had to retain the processing method and species at all costs to insure that the Aloe Vera would continue to be successful year after year.
With that said, we are required to tell you that the IC Aloe © does not work for 100% of the people who try it. However, since 1992 our customer satisfaction, based on re-orders and continued loyalty, is very high.
In addition to using Healthy Life Harvest™ Aloe Vera for IC, many healthy people are using the IC Aloe © and AVC-100 as a part of their daily regimen.

A multitude of scientific studies and data support the health benefits of certain species of aloe and the list of accolade reports grow daily. Recent studies have shown that certain types of Aloe Vera can assist the body to absorb more of specific vitamins, such as Vitamin C and E.

Q: How many of the Original formula “IC Aloe Vera” Capsules should I take each day?
Based on years of experience, our clinical trial, as well as other studies,  we recommend that you start with 3 to 6 capsules per day. Many people use three in the morning and three in the evening with an 8 ounce glass of non-acidic liquid in the beginning. Some people are using a maintenance dose of less than 6 capsules, and yet others require as more capsules per day, but you won't discover your ideal quantity until you experiment with your own individual needs.
Remember, everyone’s lifestyle is different and there are many variables that affect each of our lives. Someone my have dogs and cats spreading dander and germs all over their home, or new carpet, which may take up to 12 years to outgas. They may be a smoker or drink carbonated beverages or use sugar substitutes. You are the only one that knows your life. With that knowledge you will discover and implement the best course of action for you.
You may receive a suggested protocol with your order of IC Aloe Vera™, which will outline the system that has worked best for others for over the years.

Q: Are there side effects when taking aloe vera?
There can be, especially if you purchase a low quality Aloe Vera that does not have the anthraquinones removed. These types of imperfectly processed Aloe Vera products can cause abdominal “pinching” or sever laxative affects.
Men and women with IC have to be EXTRA careful because they should not take liquid Aloe Vera. Only unscrupulous companies or those that know very little about IC would attempt to sell liquid Aloe Vera to IC patients, because ALL liquid Aloe Vera MUST utilize some kind of preservative to stop the product from turning rancid or molding. Most companies use Citric Acid and other chemicals to preserve their liquid aloe vera. Although this preservative is commonly used throughout the industry, nearly every IC sufferer knows that Citric Acid has been shown to exacerbate IC symptoms.

Healthy Life Harvest “IC Aloe Vera” has taken the extra steps during the processing method to remove as much of the anthraquinones as is humanly possible so that you do not have to be concerned about experiencing a laxative affect or diarrhea from taking our product.

Interestingly, we receive anecdotal reports from people that suffer from allergies of all kinds, that the IC Aloe © has actually helped relieve their allergy symptoms.

On another note, it is reported that approximately 1% of the world’s population is allergic to aloe vera, as with other plants. In most cases people consciously know if they are allergic to aloe vera before purchasing from us. It is very unlikely for someone to not be exposed to Aloe Vera at some point in their life, either through lotion, facial tissue or sunscreen. If someone is allergic to aloe vera they will most likely know of it before reaching age 25. However, if you are not sure, it is best to check with your doctor, as in all cases concerning food supplements like our aloe vera.
The number of people reported to be allergic to aloe vera is likely much less than suggested, but the possibility is still exists so it is important to mention the potential in the unlikely event you are one of the 1% that is reactive to this plant.

We absolutely do not recommend the IC Aloe™ to anyone that is allergic to aloe vera.

Q: Does ALL aloe vera help IC symptoms?
No, absolutely not. As a matter of fact, there are Aloe Vera's on the market that actually may increase IC symptoms, due to incorrect processing methods, leaving too much Aloin in the product. They may have put in anti-caking agents or drying agents and many have citric acid added as a preservative.

We have heard stories from people that walked into their favorite "Big-mart" store and bought an aloe off the shelf. They found themselves curled up in their bed in pain, wishing they called us first. We are the One and Only true "IC Aloe Vera". ($14.45 for a 30 capsule trial).

Also, there are some enterprising people that would like to capitalize on suffering people with this disease. Some other websites have literally "copied" and posted our double blind placebo study (almost word for word). One company has even gone so far as to direct their marketers to pose as IC suffers and record our operators conversations with them.  
Then, they took our exact remarks, quoting our founder’s words and put them in a video they produced as if they are the experts on IC ALOE.

(You will find all kinds of clever marketers out there so be careful)

Remember, there is only one IC Aloe © and we own the trademark on it. 

We do not recommend or endorse any other form or variety of aloe vera. Too many IC sufferers have reached a level of hopelessness and tragically put their trust in other forms of Aloe Vera products. When they did not find relief for their symptoms they gave up. Our study shows that over 80% of IC sufferers are helped with the IC Aloe ©; so why take chances by trying other aloes, even if they say their product works, Why Risk it? We can only speak for the "IC Aloe Vera," which is the product that healed the founder of Healthy Life Harvest™ in her most desperate hours. Read her story in About the Founder.

We wish you all the best...